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If your looking for a Hill Climb Racing Best Vehicle then you came to the right place. Below is a list of all the vehicles with advice and usage for each. My personal favorite though would have to be the Monster Truck. It has good control and handles hills pretty good. For cash your gonna want to use the 4×4 on the moon stage.


Jeep – You wanna get rid of this one as soon as your to an area where your accumulating lots of coin. The Monster Truck would be the best ride to buy.


Motocross Bike 75,000 – This guy is great for jumps and flips, but can be hard to control. Has a tendency to wreck easy. Your better of saving up and getting something better.


Monster Truck 100,000 – Cheap price and great for making lots of coin.


Tractor 100,000 – Slow and has a hard time climbing big hills. The Monster Truck is better.


Quad Bike 175,000 – Pretty much the same as the Motocross Bike just a little better in all areas.



Tourist Bus 200,000 – You want have to worry so much about flipping over with this giant mobile. Guzzles gas and doesn’t have good acceleration.


Race Car 250,000 – Fast and very good at catching air, but far from the best vehicle and shouldn’t be upgraded too much.


Super Diesel 4×4 500,000 – This guy does pretty good, but you already have 500,000 so you might as well save up another 500,000 and buy an uber Tank. You can also use this vehicle on the Moon stage to earn just about the max amount you could anywhere else in the game. Super Diesel + Moon Stage = Big Money!


Rally Car 750,000 – The only vehicle that beats this one for traction would be the tank. A much better choice than the Race Car which is reall just a dumbed down version of this ride.


Tank 1,000,000 – Pretty much goes anywhere and doesn’t have to much trouble doing anything. It would be best to save coin and grind for this guy skipping most of the cheaper rides.


Snow Mobile 1,000,000 – Very fast and great for tricks. The only time you’ll really flip over in this this is when you loose balance mid air. Has great traction for the snow stage.


Truck 1,000,000 – Doesn’t brake good. Doesn’t speed up good. But will never flip over. The only thing to worry about really is gas and hills.


Dune Buggy 800,000 – Has some of the best suspension of all the money makers and does very well in all the other areas too.


Kiddie Express – Great for getting all the coins and long distances. Tapping the accelerator giving it just enough to get up the next hump and never over doing it to cause flames is a healthy way to make it far. Has a large capacity for gas making it #1 for longevity. Because of it’s 3 section make up flipping over can be avoided batter than and other transportation. If the ride gets too bumpy you’ll loose one of your car making it much less difficult to wipe out. Not good on hilly missions as they eventually get too big and you can’t get over them due to lack of power.


Onewheeler – Always wants to lean forward at high speeds. Can easily flip and break neck.

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    Game of the moment!


    Seems like you may have blown off the super diesel because it’s slow when it’s not upgraded. Fully upgraded it’s faster than the monster truck and can get further than any other vehicle because of its extra fuel capacity. The tank is great for the mountain and the forest, but nothing can match reaching 10k+m on the highway in the super diesel. It’s a great coin-grinding vehicle.




      I second Andrew. I’m about to hit tween thousand meters with the sitter diesel in highway and my monster truck couldn’t even do that. And they’re both fully upgraded. I need to know what’s best fur moon.


        The best for moon is definitely motor cross bike fully upgrade, on a good run I managed to get 270,000 coins just in one run but I usually get around 160,000 per run


          I get minimum 300,000 with the Super Diesel, crushes everything else, makes 20k each time it leaves the ground on moon not one k per flip….


        Try the train on the highway. Make sure it is fully upgraded. I am hitting over 20k meters and 4 million coins per run.


          I cant get past 7k on highway with a fully upgraded train. What did you do to get so far?


            You have to shake off the extra cars. The link between cars gets weaker over time and eventually they fall off. This leaves the engine car, which is pretty strong, although a little unstable. I’ve reaches 22k this way and racked up 2-3 million per run. Helps unlock and upgrade all the new toys when they come out.


        Just saying, a fully upgraded racecar in the moon is amazing. If you turn it upside down in the air, the downforce makes it fall really slow and you get crazy money. You just have to turn it right side up before you land though. I get over 25000 in a normal jump and regularly get a few hundred coins in a very short run


        Diesel kicks ass for moon


      Except for 10k+ on the snowmobile in the beach stage! Great combo,.fun too!




      He is right the super desil 4×4 is great in the forast and great for climbing hills. The tank sucks balls in every stage, the forast it just flips on the trees volcano cant get past lava cant climb hills and has terrible traction so the tank is not all that


      I. hit lvl 99 with the police car in highway and lvl 223 with the super diesel 4×4 in the desert


      Um no! The best vehicles for the highway are the Big Rig and the Tour Bus. I’ve gotten 16K with those each. if you want, I can show you a screen shot. :-)


      Kiddie train thing hits 16,000 plus on highway




    please update this list, kiddie train and dragster have been added


      The kiddie train is by far the best for highway, 15.8k mi. with it. I would use truck for forest, it is great for plowing over trees, way better than tank. The super diesel is what got me able to get most my upgrades for kiddie train and other vehicles, it is a must have for getting your vehicles tip top, also great on highway. I got 10k with super diesel


        With big finger on highway. Ignore coils and move to get to gas. 800,000 coins sometimes 1,000,000. Fully upgraded and move fast. Coins will be there. L


          Big finger fully upgrade on highway get 2M to 3M coins each chance. Very light weight and big tyres and will fly softly and will not flip. also 3-4 flips saved by cage. But in steep highs, just get back to the curves and release. Dont try to collect coins just move on. you can reach 10000M-15000M most chances.


    What about the hovercraft?


      The hovercraft is great on the beach, mudpool, and volcano levels. It just flies by. But for money, I would use the super diesel 4×4 on the moon


    I agrea the super diesal has to be the best grinder for me I saved up from the jeep and bought this guy first it does amazing once fully upgraded and who doesnt love to here those turbos spooling




    For me a good way to grind lots of money in the beginning was to use the motocross bike on the moon. You get a lot of insane air bonuses (10k+ for a single jump, 100k+ for a single short ride). Kind of makes the flips useless, though, since you only get 1k for each.


    If you want to gain easy coins w/o cheats or hacks
    Choose what type of car u like (i prefer using the tank) try to get your ride to max level and go to highway
    Try to get to the 7.5 meters or higher and you could gain 800k-1mil coins per game or run
    I think this run is much faster than going to the moon where you only get coins by getting big airs
    The only downside of this run is the fuel is limited thats why you need to max your preferred ride
    Hope this helps :)


    I like the rally car on the highway. It’s really fun and makes large jumps and u can rhythm it together. Great game has to be my favorite


    I got to level 60 ,18013 meters on highway with the kidde train


    Do the highway with the tour bus. My current best is 10700m


    I prefer the highway more than the moon. The moon is great to cash in for very little investment, with the superdiesel, motorcross, or really any ride because you can easily get 10-20k per jump. However, because of how far you can go on the highway, and how rapidly the coins start to increase, you’ll gain much more money there as soon as you can go over 3000 meters. The most cost efficient car to grind money with (cheap to fully upgrade, but performs exceptionally well) is the race car. Its downforce makes it stick to the road very well, and once fully upgraded, can easily get you 500k-1,5mil each turn. Long-term though, invest in better cars, as the race-car peaks its upgrades very fast.


    The 6-wheeler truck is by far the best, I got over 10 million with it on beach and highway.


    Kiddie express on highway i got level 73 at 22989 meters and i didnt run out of fuel i driver downed


    I like motocross bike, when I got 4826 meters on moon I made 16.7 million


    I got over 5 million points on beach on my first run with the super diesel just by getting level bonuses


    Highway with kiddie express. 16854m and 10346960 coins


    I totally disagree. I actually PLAY the game, and that is entirely incorrect. For starters, the Motorcross Bike is amazing. With those divits at the end of the bridge, if you enter at high speed, and floor the brake, you can execute a perfect flip and land it, giving you 1,000 coins. Also, that “Little guy” IS easy to control. You just have to upgrade the Mid-Air control. Also, the Monster Truck is TERRIBLE. It has absolutely no control on jumps and is not good. If you want to get money, upgrade the Motorcross Bike. I can get 800k in 15 minutes or less with it. Also, this list gives no mention of a few vehicles. Most prominently the One-Wheeler and the Train, which are in a recent update. They also are terrible, but worth mentioning.


    I just LOVE this game but have come up with a serious problem. I need to reset my phone due to android-problems but then I would loose all my Hill Climb score (and that is a lot:-) ) I have tried to locate the scorefiles so I can copy them and install after the reset but so far no luck. Ideas anyone?


    I love this game I have the police car which is not good on the cave it gets stuck a lot but its better on highway but a very good game


    LOL. Truck+beach! dragster+moon & kiddie express+highway


    this guy who made this pretty much likes the monster truck


    IF you want to get money, use Truck in HIgh way, you can get 5 mil per run if you are good


    no thats not true truck stinks


    I have kiddie express train, super diesel and truck fully upgraded. for me, kiddie express is best on highway.


      How do you get the kiddie train to go anywhere? I’m not using any cheats, and I go as far as the second hill on the highway and the roller coaster.


      I saw a picture with the kiddie express with only one cart thingy. Lol how u do that???


    The Best way to make money is this:

    Kiddie express on highway

    At ~1500m and at -2700m the extra cars break away so by ~3000m you only have the locomotive left, and fully upgraded, it has a ridiculous amount of fuel and torque, just keep an eye on ur temperature gauge and you’ll be fine. Best run… 20,700m on highway. That is the truth.




    Here Are My Favorites
    1. Monster Truck
    2. Race Car
    3. Motocross Bike


    Now, Here Are My Least Favorite


    Super Diesel Is My Forth Favorite


    I got 34 679 550 coins in highway, vehicle was kiddie . best run ..22,375m




    the one wheeler is amazing on the rainbow level. It goes like 15 meters and over 5 coins! Definetely use the one wheeler


    Truck Can Do Air Time


    What Is Wrong With You You An Evil Genuis


    Wow, one wheeler very hard to control. I just ask what the best level for this freaking onewheeler


    Hey moon lander is better it can fly if upgrade truster


    Can I add the police car to my present game? If so how do I do this.


    I made 6-7 millions on 4×4 diesel , max and use on beach is the best choice as you can relax and get the money like showers of blessing


    Use the hover craft on alien planet


    The moonlander gets you the most points on the moon and can balance itself out


    I need to know the best car for rollercoaster, highway, and just road tracks without too many bumps.


    I reached 23020 in highway with kiddie express


    When you fully upgrade the Race Car, I think, personally, it is the best in many maps, especially on the Highway map. I just on run, I had made it 5355 metres and I had accumulated $1,220,675. So, if you’re planning on buying a new vehicle on Hill Climb Racing and you haven’t bought the Race Car, I recommend that you do buy it and fully upgrade it.
    PS: If you have updated Hill Climb Racing recently, you’ll notice they’ve fixed the problems in the Junkyard map and there’s is also a new map – Haunted! It’s one of the best maps for sure!
    Enjoy! ;-)


    And I Unlocked It

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