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Castle TD Guide Wiki WalkthroughIf you came here looking for a Castle TD Defense Promo Code I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is I don’t have one, although sometime games will have there Promo Codes on their Facebook pages. The good news is there’s a great way to farm crystals so you can splurge on all kinds of upgrades. You can check back here in the future and I might have more info on Castle TD Promo Codes.



Crystal Farming Tips – The best way to farm crystals is to make it to the last wave in a level that has not been completed and die. You will receive more crystals than if you completed the level and replayed it or dying on the last wave of the same completed level. The more waves you complete before loosing, the more crystals you get. (Example: If I play level 14-3 and die on the 12th wave without ever completing the level I will get over 500 crystals every time. But if I complete level 14-3 and then replay it I will only receive 159 crystals). Farming crystals on Missions this way yields twice as many crystals, around 1000. The easiest way to loose the last wave is to sell your towers.

Having trouble on stages?

Check out the Castle TD Defense Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed.


Strategy and Walkthrough Video’s

1Farm123123Rush HourChallenge 1Rush Hour
2Church123123Rain of ArrowChallenge 2
3Bridge123123Ice & FireChallenge 3
4Countryside123123AlchemistChallenge 4
5Sawmill123123TimberjackChallenge 5
6Frontier Castle123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 6
7Forest I123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 7
8Forest II123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 8
9Elf Village123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 9
10Swamp123123Cost $ Not Free
11Church (night)123123Cost $ Not Free
12Dark Forest I123123Cost $ Not Free
13Dark Forest II123123Cost $ Not Free
14Outskirts123123Cost $ Not Free
15Capital123123Cost $ Not Free
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