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Castle TD Guide Wiki WalkthroughWelcome to the Castle TD Defense Guide Wiki! Here you’ll find all kinds of information to give you the edge you need to finish the game without having to start over or spend real money.





Walkthrough and Gameplay Youtube Videos

1Farm123123Rush HourChallenge 1Rush Hour
2Church123123Rain of ArrowChallenge 2
3Bridge123123Ice & FireChallenge 3
4Countryside123123AlchemistChallenge 4
5Sawmill123123TimberjackChallenge 5
6Frontier Castle123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 6
7Forest I123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 7
8Forest II123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 8
9Elf Village123123Cost $ Not FreeChallenge 9
10Swamp123123Cost $ Not Free
11Church (night)123123Cost $ Not Free
12Dark Forest I123123Cost $ Not Free
13Dark Forest II123123Cost $ Not Free
14Outskirts123123Cost $ Not Free
15Capital123123Cost $ Not Free

Tips & Tricks


Farming – A good way to farm crystals is to make it to the last wave in a level that has not been completed and die. You will receive more crystals than if you completed the level and replayed it or dying on the last wave of the same completed level. The more waves you complete before loosing, the more crystals you get. (Example: If I play level 14-3 and die on the 12th wave without ever completing the level I will get over 500 crystals every time. But if I complete level 14-3 and then replay it I will only receive 159 crystals). Farming crystals on Missions this way yields twice as many crystals, around 1000. The easiest way to loose the last wave is to sell your towers.


Devil Observer – You can prevent this enemy from summoning skeletons with it’s special attack by using Freeze right after its starts to summon or by placing warriors in it’s path.


Orc General – You can prevent this enemy from stunning near by towers by using Freeze right after its starts to use it’s special attack or by placing warriors in it’s path. You can “unstun” towers that were stunned by constantly clicking on them (that’s why they are signed with a “Tab”).


When starting in normal mode it’s a good idea to max turret upgrades at lvl 3 (must be in Hard mode to upgrade further) before spending crystals to increase there power.


Bunker – These are a waste because of how often they miss and there weak damage. I wouldn’t spend crystals in this until later in the game when your going for Architecture Research and Missions.


Lab - It’s best to just max upgrade level at first. Labs don’t do that much damage so spending your crystals on towers that do more DPS will help you kill faster sooner. The slow function is very useful for big enemies and bosses. The Avengers upgrade which lowers enemy defense is sometimes a must on boss levels.


Fort – You’ll use these towers the most and it’s a good idea to increase there attack power with crystals first before other towers.



I haven’t invested anything in warriors yet. In some stages however there are warriors there to help. On stages 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3 on Hard you get to play with each. Out of those stages the Wizard was the most effective because they can attack flying enemies.


Wizard – Has ranged and melee attacks. Can damage flying enemies and stop them temporarily with skill. Skill prevents enemies from moving or attacking. Would recommend taking for first play through as being able to attack air units makes them much more useful.


Paladin – Good attack damage. Special attack will heal your Paladin’s health over time.


Barbarian – High attack damage. Special attack increases damage dealt.


Placement – A good place to summon warriors is in the spot with the greatest concentration of fire. Stopped enemies can take much more damage increasing the life, duration, and overall effectiveness of your warriors.


I haven’t spent any crystals on props and doing so is kind of a risky move. If you loose, you will have wasted your crystals that would have been better spent on skills, towers, and warriors. You can retry with props by pausing the game before you loose and then using a task killer to close Castle TD. This game is difficult enough without spending crystals on props. If you do, you might end up having to farm more later.

Normal Mode

These are the things I spent crystals on that enabled me to beat normal mode. I did very little crystal farming and spent $0.



  • Max Mana 4
  • Mana Recovery 9
  • Max Life 1


  • Lab Level 3
  • Fort Level 3
  • Fort Attack 15
  • Cannon Level 3

Hard Mode

On Dark Forest II Stage 13 you are not allowed to use Forts. I was able to beat 13-1, but stage 13-2 was way more difficult. I had to farm 20,000+ crystals for Cannon upgrades on Mission 2 – Church: Rain of Arrow getting 899 crystals for 9 waves by not completing the Mission (read crystal farming technique above). This was the first stage I got stuck on for a mostly Fort build. You can watch the strategy I used with the link above in Strategies and Walkthroughs. The things I spent crystals on up until that point are in the description.


Stage 13-3 increases the difficulty even more and I had to farm 50,000+ crystals on Cannon Upgrades for the no Forts stage. I feel my biggest mistake was not choosing Wizards as they can attack air units. According to others, having Wizards and high Max Mana+Mana Recovery+Warrior Skill levels 10 up = A powerful weapon. Simple ways around this would be to farm crystals or use Props.


These are the things I spent crystals on that enabled me to beat Hard mode. I farmed about 70,000+ crystals and spent $0.


8 Max Mana
15 Mana Recovery
3 Crystal Magic
14 Fire Magic
2 Burning
3 Max Life


3 Bunker Level
10 Bunker Attack
5 Lab Level
8 Lab Attack
6 Fort Level
25 Fort Attack
5 Cannon Level
26 Cannon Attack


Warrior (Paladin)
0/15 Spellbook
3/15 Armor
3/15 Weapon



In the first 4 Missions you can only use 1 of each type of tower at a time. 1 Fort, 2 Bunker (Bunker Level 3 and Bunker Attack 5 or less to beat), 3 Cannon, 4 Lab. I would suggest not completing the first or second mission right away and just use it for crystal farming since you get more crystals than from stages (read crystal farming technique above). You have to pay $2 with real money for Missions 6-15 so its a good idea to not complete Mission 5 for farming purposes also if you intend to not spent real money. Mission 5 is also a lot easier and faster to farm than 1 thru 4.

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    Why can’t I play endless mode? Whenever i clicked endless mode, it just written “please input your name”. I don’t know where to input my name. Please help.


    Greetings, I would like to share my settings, with which i was able to pass normal mode. So Here it is:

    Normal Mode:

    Max Mana 7
    Mana Recovery 11

    Max Life 5
    Hyper-Endurance 6

    Bunker Level 1
    Lab Level 3
    Fort Level 3
    Canon Level 3
    Fort Attack 15

    Wizard Armor 5
    Wizard Weapon 5
    Wizard Spellbook 5

    P.S. i would like to share online document I created, so you can help me fill it, and it might help more people, the link is :


    I want to do more missions. However you stated it costs money to do so after mission 5. I don’t want to complete it now. I still have not beaten mission 5 because of this. IM willing to pay but.. What does it say exactly, and why do you have to pay? Is it because it’s like an extra level, much like a DLC? Or is it for some other reason? And is mission 6 worth farming if I do pay the $2?


    When you go to the warrior section, what does “chance” mean?? Every time I upgrade my warriors the “chance” goes down. What equipment is it talking about??


      Equipment are buffs for your soldiers. When you spend crystals on one of the three selections (magic, armor, and damage) it increases that equipment slot and reduces the chance you will have a successful upgrade the next time you try to upgrade. If you fail an upgrade then it eats your crystals and doesn’t move up 8 level. It’s something the creators put in the game to eat crystal to entice you to buy more from them.


      It means that with increasing level of your warrior skills (‘equipment’) the success rate of upgrading drops. The first upgrades are sure to succeed, so you get a 100% chance. If it comes to the last upgrade (lvl 15) the success rate is only 5%. Thats where ‘Forging Research’ comes into play, which, if fully leveled increases your upgrade chance by 20%. I fully lvled ‘Crystal Recycle’ and ‘Forging Research’ befor iI maxed my Palladins.


      how to unlock mission without paying


    what is the best level for crystal farming in Normal mode? I am trying level 6-3 and only getting about 244 crystals for the 10th wave.



    Will there we a castle TD 2?


    What do workshops do? Is it worth putting money into them? I find it to be a waste of wood because i cannot see any benefit from building these.


      You have to sell the Workshops, the price rises from minute to minute, thats how they accumulate.


      Sometimes they are useless. Just selling them in the beginning of levels for that $50 isn’t a bad idea. Spending the extra $250 is a bad idea 99% of the time as well.


      They collect more wood than you put in if you wait long enough. You sell them when you want/need to cash in, with the idea of opening a spot and purchasing/upgrading your towers.


    Hat is the treasure chest for in battle? How do I replenish it and what does it cost to use?


    I purchased crystal but never received them in the game, who would I contact about that?


    Hey, i think i maxed out challange 1 level or was pretty nearly. I got about 113k points but my place is 16650. How can i get better score? Is there some kind of a cheat i dont know about?


    What is the use of amethysts? How do I use it?


    I think the treasure chest is like a bonus. The top one slows down all enemies and drain their energy. The second one rains fire storm everywhere. The third one gives you soldiers everywhere. It is free to use.


    I cannot complete Mission 11. There is no plot for placing a tower. Is that a bug? In ‘Challenges’ there is one plot for a tower…


    how can i solve the last mission. i ve got no idea!!!


    Is there a way to summon something else than warriors? The other 3 types of allied mobs (berserkers, paladins and monks) are not summonable and don’t use our skill tree.


    Has anyone unlocked Architecture research? Does it require 6/6 in all towers, or 20/60 in all towers? If its the latter its seems like a very very long grind.


    Does anyone have tips for the second to last mission on ‘Outskirts’? It’s so freaking hard, i don’t know what to do. It seems like i’ll have to grind forever until i can pass it :/


    outskirts 14-3 is really hard…today…in new game version…i even try with 2 labs and manage to kill only 2 lords and 3rd fucked me. so i guess i will search for hack….devs f?!* yourself


    Your full guide is great but you miss tower cannon and all tower uragraded name

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