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Castle Clash Best HeroThough all heroes are useful the Castle Clash best hero would have a Legend rank. For me the Druid seems overpowered which makes her my favorite hero. A healing type can also be very useful for keeping troops alive which can save a ton on training new troops over time.


Recruiting new Heroes is random and you will often find yourself with multiple of the same type.



Slime - Gives 100 skill exp when sacrificed.


Crystal Ooze - Gives 600 skill exp when sacrificed.


Gelatinous - Gives 3,000 skill exp when sacrificed.




Angel -


Marauder – Tank



Hill Giant – DPS (Melee)


Engineer – Mage


Frost Witch – Mage


Dryad – Mage


Alchemist – Mage


Marksman – DPS (Ranged)




Executioner – Melee


Assassin – Melee


Werewolf – Tank


Cyclops – Melee


Shaman – Mage


Pain-Da – Melee


Serpent Queen – Mage


Legend - Around a 5% chance to get when purchasing with gems.


Paladin – Tank


Champion – Melee


Succubus – Mage


Druid – Healer

Gets the job done and probably the best hero due to being overpowered.


Ninja -


Thundergod -


Spirit Mage -

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    Spirit Mage is definately the best. Druid probably second although the T-God and Succubus are quite useful


    5% chance really wow all elite and a ninja got it this morning ttttttttrrrrrrrroooooooolllllllll


    What about the Pumpkin Duke?


    I don’t have any Legend heroes yet, but I do have a lot of Elite and Ordinary heroes. Which of these are the best to upgrade and use in fighting?


      The Executioner and Serpent Queen are great. SQ because she can take out a group of mobs very quickly. Lot of people don’t like her poison though because it’s slow and prefer the Engineer (better range and instant group dmg). I like the SQ because she does more dmg and has great health.

      Assassin is the best for Arena and the only Elite hero that is useful in the Arena in later stages when everyone has Legends.

      Werewolf is a good tank especially when his secondary skill is deflect but his usefulness is very specific so I experiemented with him but found it rare to use him.

      Shaman and Painda are duds. Shaman is slow and does little damage. Can’t really tank since he’s in the back. Werewolf is better than Painda for tanking. (Painda has one good thing going for it, it can absorb damage from group of mobs, then hit them all with lightning. Not worth building him up just for that)

      Only ordinary hero worth it is the Angel for dungeons and raiding. She can solo and often be the difference between a loss and 100% win. She is a must if you don’t have a Druid and with a Druid, it’s a great combo.


    In my opinion the best team for dj is druid paladin succuubus spirit mage and t gods


    I have buy gems with 65€ and i didn’t become a legendary hero i have became only elite heros


    i got my pumpkin duke!haha!level 20 now


    How did anyone feel about the Ninja? Trying to develop him but low ATK and HP so far. Should I just go back to assassin?


    Guys, Dont have too many heroes that you dont use. It raises your might, and doesn’t help at all with raiding or arena. I was having lots of trouble raiding untill I sacrificed the ones I didn’t use. Now, I can 100% like anyone I face.


    Believe me if dont have many legendaries the combinatination of painda executioner and cyclops inthe front champion behind to stun the opponents and druid there to heal all o them and them level 80 and ljust level 2 skill is thunderous for arena battles. you can take heroes like t god, succu ,ninja,, and even duid himself of the same level from the front. provided succu or ninja dont sneak out from the sides


    everyone needs a pumkin duke and a druid or pumkin duke and a cupid.if you dont have one your not going far. i have thunder god, druid, pumkin duke, ninja, and snowzilla, on my way to getting a sprirt mage which il switch with ninja. but the very two best heros everyone needs is a pumkin duke and druid\cupid. pumkin duke boost every hero on the feilds atk/atk rate/and mov spd significantly. and druid is a VERY good healer


    hi guys what is the best legendairy hero team i can do with ,snow zila- immortep – t god – champ – succub – cupid- paladin – druid – spirit mage …. i dont have the pumkin yet :( so fo the moment which kind of team i can make


    Wich is better ninja or champ


      I personally like ninja… But champ has a far greater hp stat and can stun… Unless you get a 5/5 bulwark ninja or maybe 5/5 war god, I’d prefer champ…


    I am saving up shards but I don’t need palidian or druid cause I can get him from the daily reward and I already have thunder god and succubis so which should I get champion or ninjia.


    should I get palidain or ninjia


    Hey guys I’m a newbie and I got two wolves which is better? One has self destruct and the other has stone skin?


      Self destruct… Always better than stone skin… Even though stone skin produces a little extra defense, it’s not noticeable. My ninja has around 3 k attack, and 5% dmg reduction would bring it down by 150… Bulwark, Berserk, Enlighten, War God, Revive, and Revitalize are my favorite talents, and I will keep them if I roll it


    Very good guild 0nline


    I find atlanticore, grizzly reaper, druid, paladin or champion, and t-god a good combo


    My team : Pumpkin Duke, Druid, Snowzilla, Ninja, Thundergod, Grizzly Reaper, Padlin. I have 5 bases open. Best combo and who should I go for next to replace “x hero”?


    Should I get champion first or thundergod plz help


    I think pain da is good but druids healing is better I saw a lvl 30 painda against a level 1 druid oh pain da loses but angel and immortep combo is good


    Now I have: Thunder God, Druid, Atlanticore and Immortep
    I need some good, universal hero, can you help me, what I should choose:
    Succubus, Champion, Paladin or another Thunder God or Druid, maybe Grizzly Reaper


    Well I say marauder


    I use Atlanticore, Reaper, Immortep, Druid, and Thunder God. It works great because atlanticore ansorbs a lot of damage and does a good but too, hes just slow. Then I put reaper and the rest of my heros in behind him and I win a lot.


    I have all hero’s even moltanica and spirit mage and just not the one for 100000 gems lol ill never get him and I got moltanica with 21 smashes lolllolololololololollolololllolllolololollolilikkkikiklilololololoololololoololol


    Don’t waste your time, older devices get fazed out with updates, you will waste money and then be unable to play. If you can play, you’ll eventually run into douchebags that have spent over $2k to “be the best”. Ultimate game for douchebags.


    Molthanica is current best


    I like PD, and Druid, but my favorite is by far Vlad….he has AOE dps, decent health, and small self healz…..he is hard to compete with.

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