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Did you know that you can play Android games on your PC or Mac using and emulator like BlueStacks? It seems to be in its infancy stage still, but can play a very large amount of games.


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Their are just so many video games available on the market today. Having the ability to make your own for free or no cost is something that any gamer might want explore. With tons of video tutorial available online you can almost avoid school completely saving on student loans and learning from home. Android has a small fee of around $50 and your free to unload your gaming abilities using the many free and payed creators available. Only do it if you enjoy it or maybe your just that good.


It seems that more and more main stream names like Sony are releasing remakes or new versions of pretty good stuff at Google Play. Someday handle held units and home computers will merge into one creating the ultimate user experience. They could probably do it now, but where’s the profit in that. I think that every year they should make something uber and blow the doors off an invention. We can start with free energy!